How to Fix 5 Common Microsoft Word Errors Problems Easily.

Microsoft Word Errors happen in your computer when something is not gone to be right. You can know in this blog, which errors can occur in MS Word and how they can be resolved. Below are some easy steps, which you can follow and get out of the problem of slowing down your MS Word on your PC.

Microsoft Word Errors

Error 1: Microsoft Word Errors While Opening a File.

This is the common error that can face by the user in Microsoft word when the user opens Microsoft Word on our computer. Microsoft Word introduces an error while trying to open the Word file. that can check the file permission and space on your computer. This error can occur when you try to open a word file on another PC because the inbuilt security in MS Word is not given access to open the file from an untrusted source.


Easy steps to fix this Microsoft word error:

  • Go to the MS Word file location on your PC.
  • Right-click on the MS Word file & click on Properties.
  • Click on the unblock option

This will help you in solving the MS Word file.

Error 2: Error occurs when you sending the command to the program?

Error message displays on your screen when you trying to open a file and access is away from you.


  • Go To C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office15\root\office15.
  • Right-click on the WINWORD.exe and select properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab and untick all boxes.

Now, reopen the MS Word File. This time you won’t see this error message again.

Error 3: Microsoft Word Crashing.

The error message can be displayed when you open an MS Word File: “This Word document caused a serious problem the last time it was opened. Would you like to continue opening it?”.

This Microsoft Word Error occurs when you reopen an MS Word file for the second time after MS Word gets crashes.


To fix this MS word error problem you need to follow the prompts on the screen. Often crashing the MS Word can lead to a blacklist of files under the disabled list. This will continue to happen until you resolve this problem. To solve this issue you have two options, you can use either the MS Office Repair Tool or Disable the Add-ins.

1: MS Office Repair Tool.

To run the Office repair tool, following the given steps below.

  • Open the control panel.
  • Click on programs>programs and features.
  • Search for Microsoft Office and click on it.
  • Click on the Repair option and click on the continue button.
  • Choose the Online Repair or Quick Repair.
  • Click on the Repair button and let the repairing finish. 
  • Restart your computer.

The Microsoft Word Errors will be resolved with the help of the MS Office Repair Tool.

2: Try Disabling Add-ins MS Word.

Disabling the Add-ins can improve the MS Word slow running problem as well as fix MS Word error. To disable Add-ins, follow the steps:

  • Open the MS Word then click on the File which you want to open. 
  • Click on the Add-ins tab.
  • Click on the Go button beside the Manage: COM Add-ins.
  • Click on a checkbox to disable the add-ins and click on OK.

This will help you to disable the Add-ins and make your MS Word Error-free.

Error 4: MS Word Template Corrupted.

This is one of the common MS Word errors that states “Your Normal.dotm file is corrupt or damaged and you have to replace it”.

This Microsoft Word Errors message shows that the templates of the MS Word file is corrupted.


To fix this error you need to find the corrupted Word template file and give a new name to them from Normal.dotm to Normal.bak.

This will fix numerous problems related to MS Word file corruption. Now, reopen the MS Word file. Your error message will not be displayed this time and you can open the MS Word file after the error message without any interruptions.

Error 5: Malware or Virus Infection

 Viruses or malware can also be a reason behind MS Word errors. Many times it happens due to viruses and malware infection in your computer you may face the problems when you are working on Microsoft word. The speed is of MS Word is going slow down.


To remove viruses from your computer and using MS Word again you can use a third-party tool like the Spyhunter, that will remove all viruses, malware, etc.

I hope your Microsoft Word Errors can be resolved successfully from the above guidelines. If you want more help from the expert, so you can visit the official website of MS Office by visiting