How to Repair Corrupted MS Excel File Easily?

GET STARTED Microsoft developed different IT application such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. and here you know about how to Repair Corrupted MS Excel File easily. All applications are very important in the computer and technology field. Excel is an important Microsoft product, which is used to store data in a sheet or table format. It[…]

How To Fix Microsoft Excel 2010 Crashes?

If Microsoft Excel 2010 Crashes so here you know how to fix it. Microsoft Excel 2010 is certainly one of Microsoft’s Office’s most significant tasks. It is a business spreadsheet application that is on a very basic level used for figuring, pivot tables, graphing mechanical assemblies, and full-scale programming generally called Visual Basic for Applications.[…]

Microsoft Word Errors

How to Fix 5 Common Microsoft Word Errors Problems Easily.

Microsoft Word Errors happen in your computer when something is not gone to be right. You can know in this blog, which errors can occur in MS Word and how they can be resolved. Below are some easy steps, which you can follow and get out of the problem of slowing down your MS Word[…]

How to Download and install office on android?

If you are using a Windows operating system, then you must be knowing the name of Microsoft Office for its extra-ordinary contribution in changing the windows operating system forever.No one can suggest a better alternative of Office software when it comes to productivity, features, and services. But ms-office did not stop here as they introduced[…]

Benefits of using Microsoft Word

GET STARTED Advantages of utilizing Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word is a graphical word preparing programming that is utilized for composing purposes. It is shaped by the PC organization Microsoft. The point of the MS Word program is to spare and type any significant record and information. Its working and procedure are particularly like other word[…]

How to make a word document read only?

Making read only word documents become necessary when you do not want your files to be edited by other users due to some sensitive information. Here in this article, we are going to demonstrate the tricky way to make a word document read only. Here we go: Method1:- Make a word document read only before[…]

How to lock or secure the ms office file?

We easily secure our Microsoft office file from reading or editing by other peoples by secure it through password security. We generate a password that is required for reading the file. Without a password or security key reading of file should not be possible because file is encrypted. The Key is needed for encrypting the[…]

How to fix Facebook image not loading issue

The one issue of Facebook users is Facebook image not loading issue. It is quite common for all desktop and mobile users and the most irritating issue is the company not helping to resolve it properly. In this article, we are describing some tips and tricks to fix this issue. Please follow the below instruction:[…]

How to set up OneDrive Personal Vault?

Microsoft introduced another feature of OneDrive functionality called OneDrive Personal Vault to include an additional layer of security to your confidential documents. In this post, we will tell you the best way to set up and use OneDrive Personal Vault to shield your confidential data from information from accidental access. What is OneDrive Personal Vault[…]