How To Embed A Video In MS PowerPoint?

How To Embed A Video In MS PowerPoint? Would you be able to show a video in a PowerPoint introduction? The appropriate response is yes! Truth be told, it’s simple. For more help visit

Video documents come in a few organizations. The systems that function admirably in PowerPoint are:

  • AVI
  • WMV
  • MPG (or MPEG)
Embed A Video In MS PowerPoint

Embed A Video In MS PowerPoint

Before you start to Embed A Video In MS PowerPoint, you should place the video document in a similar envelope as the PowerPoint introduction. The explanation behind this is if you ever move your introduction to another PC, your video most likely won’t play. Not following this exhortation is presumably the #1 reason recordings don’t play in PowerPoint.

At that point, pick Insert> Movies and Sounds> Movie from File. (In PowerPoint 2007, go to Insert tab> Media Clips Group> Movie.) From the exchange box, discover and double-tap the video record. (Note that “video” and “motion picture” mean something very similar.)

You see a message inquiring as to whether you need the video to play consequently or when clicked. Pick whichever you need. You can change the alternative later. The main casing of the video shows up on your slide.

Change how the video plays in PowerPoint –

You have some authority over Embed A Video In MS PowerPoint. Right-click the video on the slide, and pick Edit Movie Object to open the Movie Options discourse box. (In PowerPoint 2007, select the video, and click the Movie Tools Options tab. The greater part of the alternatives is on the tab, however not all. For more alternatives, click the exchange box launcher bolt at the correct side of the gathering’s title bar to open the Movie Options discourse box.)

This is what you can do:

  • Loop the video: Check the Loop Until Stopped checkbox.
  • Rewind the video: Check the Rewind Movie When Done (After) Playing check box. You would do this on the off chance that you may need to play it more than once during an introduction
  • Hide the video when it isn’t playing: Check the Hide While Not Playing checkbox.
  • Zoom the video to full screen: Check the Zoom to Full Screen/Play Full-Screen checkbox. (This was another element in PowerPoint 2003.) This will presumably bring about low goals.

On the off chance that you need to change whether the video plays consequently or just when clicked, pick Slide Show> Custom Animation (in PowerPoint 2007, Animations tab> Custom Animation) to open the Custom Animation task sheet:

  • If you decided to play the video consequently, you’ll see two things; the first has a Start setting of After Previous and the second has a trigger (the video itself) and a Start setting of On Click. To change to playing when clicked, erase the thing that has a Start setting of After past.
  • If you decided to play the video when clicked, you’ll simply observe the trigger and the On Click setting in the Start box. To change to playing consequently, click the thing’s down bolt in the Custom Animations task sheet, and pick Timing. Under the Triggers button, click the Animate as Part of Click Sequence alternative. In a similar exchange box, set the Start to With Previous. Snap OK. (Note that there still might be a slight deferral after you show the slide before the video begins to play.)

You can estimate the video with the goal that it’s fitting for the goals of your screen or projector. This is helpful on the off chance that you change to a PC or projector with an unexpected goal in comparison to the first PC where you made the introduction. Follow this means:

  1. Select the video.
  2. Right-click the video and pick Format Picture to open the Format Picture exchange box. (In PowerPoint 2007, right-click and pick Size and Position to open the Size and Position discourse box.)
  3. Snap the Size tab.
  4. Check the Best Scale for Slide Show checkbox.

Troubleshooting video in PowerPoint –

Once in a while, recordings in PowerPoint don’t play. There can be various purposes for this:

  • Videos are connected, not installed. If you move your introduction or send it to somebody, you should incorporate the video record. The Package for CD highlights can do this for you. Pick File> Package for CD and utilize the Copy to Folder button. (In PowerPoint 2007, pick Office button> Publish> Package for CD.)
  • When made, recordings are packed utilizing pressure/decompression calculations. These are called codecs for short. If your PC doesn’t have the codec that was utilized when the video was made, PowerPoint won’t play the video.
  • PowerPoint for the Mac plays MOV (Quicktime) documents; however, PowerPoint for the PC doesn’t. In this way, if the introduction was made on the Mac, your video probably won’t play since it’s a MOV record.

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