How to fix Facebook image not loading issue

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The one issue of Facebook users is Facebook image not loading issue. It is quite common for all desktop and mobile users and the most irritating issue is the company not helping to resolve it properly. In this article, we are describing some tips and tricks to fix this issue. Please follow the below instruction:

Facebook is not showing pictures

The primary cause of images not loading for any website is a slow internet connection. However, other causes like a bad DNS server, VPN, problems with network cache, etc. can cause this issue. If you encounter this problem, proceed with the following troubleshooting sequentially:

  1. Verify the status of the Facebook server
  2. Check the Internet connection speed
  3. Check if images are disabled on your browser
  4. Resolve a bad DNS server
  5. Using elevated Command Prompt
  6. Run the Network Adapter troubleshooter
  7. Disable VPN software.

Check the status of the Facebook server

While the Facebook server is one of the best for any website, it is occasionally down, but if the server is down, it might cause the whole website or parts of it to malfunction. You could check the server status for Facebook here. If the server is up, the statement on this page will read “Facebook Platform is Healthy.” Else, it would mention the cause of the downtime and later explain the issue.

Facebook image not loading issue

Check the Internet connection speed

While many websites would open over a slow internet connection, many entities on webpages like images and videos which might not load on time (or at all). Thus, it is advisable to check the speed of your internet connection using these speed test tools.

If the internet speed is slow, you can check this troubleshooting to fix slow internet speed on Windows 10.

Check if images are disabled on your browser

To increase the performance of web browsers, users are given the option to disable the images on their browsers. If the images are disabled, they won’t load on any webpage at all. Make sure that the images are not disabled in your browser before proceeding further.

Resolve a bad DNS server

A bad DNS server could be a reason for the issue in discussion. You can resolve the problem by using a fixed DNS server address that works. The procedure for the same is as follows:

Open control panel

 Hit Enter to open the Control Panel window.

Click on the name of your WiFi network to open the WiFi status window.

Select Properties. If it asks for Administrator permissions, click on Yes.

Using elevated Command Prompt

If the network configurations are corrupt, you might face some issues accessing websites and web content. In this case, you could use a few commands in the elevated Command Prompt to resolve the problem.

Search for command prompt in the Windows search bar and right-click on Command Prompt. Select Run as administrator.

6] Disable VPN software

Disable your VPN software and see if that works for you.

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