How to Fix Microsoft Office Setup Error 1324?

You may receive following errors during installation of Microsoft Office XP, 2002 or 2003.

“Error 1324. The folder path ‘UserName/All Users’ contains an invalid character.”
“Error 1324. The folder path ‘FullFolderPath’ contains an invalid character.”

Errors like these appear when we do not have valid characters in Windows Registry.

These error messages are generated if there are wrong entries within the Windows Registry. Windows Registry is essential component of operating system. That is the reason you must be very much careful while editing registry of your computer. Always create a back before modifying your registry.

Fix Microsoft Office Setup Error 1324

To fix error 1324 in the registry, you should locate all instances of the invalid character reported in message and replace with correct character. Further elaborated below

a) Start>>Run>> type regedit and press Enter
b) Now in the Registry Editor, click on Edit menu and select Find
c) Type here reported invalid character in Find What box and click on Find Next button
d) Now you can detect invalid string, change it to correct one and press F3 to continue searching registry
e) Here use Find command to replace all instances of invalid character with the correct character in the registry
f) Exit form the Registry Editor
g) Reboot your system
h) Install office

Microsoft Office Setup Error 1324

As mentioned above, Windows Registry is highly sensitive part of the operating system. If you are making direct changes in your registry then you must be very much careful because if you did a wrong entry then it would ruin your entire system

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