How to lock or secure the ms office file?

We easily secure our Microsoft office file from reading or editing by other peoples by secure it through password security. We generate a password that is required for reading the file. Without a password or security key reading of file should not be possible because file is encrypted. The Key is needed for encrypting the file. By this easily secure personal data from the reach of other peoples. For further inquiry visit

lock or secure the ms office file

Steps to encrypt ms office file:-

Step 1: Open file in ms office file, which files you want to secure.

Step 2: Press the ms office logo and then press the prepare.

Step 3: Small window open and then click on the encrypt document button.

Step 4: New pop up window open and ask for a password, Provide a highly secure key that is not guessable by others. Then press OK.

Step 5: Confirm the password by re-entering it.

 Note: Please remember the password or write it at a secure place because if you forgot then recovery of password should not be possible and you lost your document permanently.

Step 6: Close the file.

Now when you open your file again it will ask for the password. password is required to read or edit the file.