Why MS Office 365 is best for business?

Are you looking for an innovative way, to enhance the productivity of your business enterprise while on a budget? Office 365 is a great software package which is one of the most beneficial for your business task. In addition to lowering your operating costs, this software offers your employees all the necessary tools that can enhance their productivity. From word processors, databases and hosted exchange email applications, your employees and you will access all needed tools from any device (browser, etc.) from practically anywhere. Here are two other reasons why Microsoft’s Office 365 software is a valuable addition to all small businesses.


It is among the most functional applications that have graced the computer software niche to date. If you hire a reputable IT consultancy company to tweak and align its comprehensive features with your business model, you will highlight its professional appeal and enhance the profitability of your business enterprise.

With www.office.com/setup superb hosted exchange email, you no longer have to contend with annoying email services that can make your business look bad in front of your clients. Moreover, using its web-based SharePoint application, you can create a professional website easily and use it to market your products or services in a more professional manner.

Another great feature of office.com/setup version is calendar feature. You can use it to keep track of important events such as upcoming meetings, wherever you are, using any device. You can also keep track of all your employee’s schedules and tweak them appropriately to enhance productivity. With it, you are in control of your business operations no matter where you are.

Features of Microsoft Office 2013


Compared to its predecessors, this version of is highly secure. This is two-fold. Firstly, Microsoft has developed and maintained a high throughput data centre which hosts your data. Thus, unlike setting up a private server that is subject to ISP security problems, equipment failure and power outages, the 99.9% uptime guarantee in this data centre will give your business a much-needed boost.

In addition to installing software and security updates to make sure that all your applications are running smoothly, Microsoft will protect your business particulars by filtering worms and viruses from all your emails in real-time. You can rest easy knowing that everything you share or exchange on the internet is 100% threat free.

Although the benefits of using Office 365 in your small business are many, make sure that you hire a reputable IT consultancy company to help you with setup. Such IT consultancy firms can assist in switching your small business to Google apps today.