How to fix scroll bar issue in Chrome browser

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If the scroll bar is missing in the Chrome program, it seems difficult to look down the website page and view its content. Typically, it hides in the corner and shows up when you indicate the mouse cursor at the edge of the screen. All things considered, at the time, it just won’t appear. The scroll bar issue in the Chrome browser makes scrolling very difficult. so, when you experience such behavior of google chrome scroll, fix it by following the guidelines given below.

Fix Scroll bar missing in Google Chrome

An update to the program, for the most part, fixes the issues. In any case, if the issue remains, you may attempt any of the following choices.

1.            Restore settings to their unique defaults

2.            Disable Hardware Acceleration

3.            Disable Overlay Scrollbars Flag

1] Restore settings to their defaults

1.            Launch the Google Chrome program.

2.            Click on the 3 spots (Customize and Control Google Chrome) and pick ‘Settings’.

3.            Next, look down to locate the ‘Propelled’ alternative. Whenever seen, click it.

4.            In the left sheet, look down to the base and pick ‘Reset and Cleanup’ alternative.

5.            When incited with the message, disregard it and hit the ‘Reset Settings’ catch.

If you don’t mind note that the activity, when affirmed, will reset your startup page, new tab page, web search tool, and stuck tabs. It will likewise cripple all expansions and clear brief information like treats.

2. Disable Hardware Acceleration

On the off chance that Chrome is having issues showing visual components on the screen like demonstrating a parchment bar, you can take a stab at incapacitating the equipment speeding up.

scroll bar issue in the Chrome browser

3] Disable Overlay Scrollbars Flag

Whenever empowered, this Chrome banner empowers scroll-bar to overlay content in a semi-straightforward way and therapists away the minute you move your mouse cursor away. This makes detecting the parchment bar troublesome. In this way, impair the banner and check whether it tackles the issue. For this,

Type chrome://banners and hit Enter.

At the point when coordinated to another page, type ‘Overlay Scrollbars’ in the inquiry bar.

At the point when the choice shows up, hit the drop-down bolt nearby the alternative and select ‘Handicapped’ choice.

Presently, hit the ‘Relaunch’ option and check whether the issue is fixed.

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