1. Visit the official website at

    On to your browser, go to or It’s the only website to help you with the Office installation process and deploy any of the office products on to your system.

  2. . Now, sign-in to the Microsoft Office Account:

    After you visited the website, you need to sign in with the credentials of your Microsoft Office Account, if in case you are new opt for Create New Account. Also it can detect your Microsoft account if already registered

  3. Enter Office Product Key:

    Once you successfully logged on to your Microsoft account, just fill your 25 digits unique product key code. Now, choose your Country & Language from the down menu.

  4. Download the Installation File:

    After you enter your product key code and other details, it will be verified and take you to a new page. Now, choose desired products & description and right click next to your subscription to install. It will start Downloading.

  5. Run the Installation File:

    After downloading is finished, double click on it to run. You system will show some prompt, click Agree and next. It will start running your installation.

  6. Open Office Apps.

    Wait for some time; you will get a completion message “You’re All Set” on the installation screen. Now opt finish and start any of the office application. After a tour of the windows insights, it will be installed and activated.

  1. Type or in browser.
  2. Enter your Email and Password to sign in.
  3. If you are a new user then first create an account one,   
  4. Enter your Unique 25 digit product key in the box given box.   
  5. Now Download Setup, Run File,   
  6. Click on Install.Office setup is ready!

Why ? is the only way to deploy any of the office products on to your system. Use 25 digits unique activation code to redeem your retails card. If you already have used your code then you are all

set to download any of the office products straight from here.While filling credentials of your activation code,you required to log-in first using your registered account. Once you are done,go to cart and from the list of office products download your purchased subscription. 

How to Download Office Setup?

  1. Go to and Sign-in using your Microsoft account. If you are a new user then first create an account using your Gmail.
  2. Now choose your Office product and Install it.
  3. Make sure you select the version which is suitable for your device.
  4. After selecting your Country and Language, click on the “I AGREE” button.
  5. In a few minutes, your product will be downloaded in your device.

Install Office Setup –


  1. Go to the control panel and double click on Office setup file.  
  2. On the Installation window read all the terms and conditions and then click to the “I AGREE” button.
  3. Now go through all the instructions of the installation process and finally click ” FINISH BUTTON” to complete the process.4.   
  4. Congo! your Office product is ready to use.


  1. Insert the CD in your DVD player. 
  2. Click on the RUN button on your Installation screen.  
  3. Read all the terms and conditions and license agreements then click on the “AGREE” button.  
  4. The installation process will show some instructions, follow them and finally click the FINISH button.

How to Activate office Setup ?

For the activation process,you need 25 digits unique setup product key given to you while installing the Office product and also on your registered Email Id.

  1. Enter your 25 digit product key on the space given in the box.
  2. To complete you activation process click on the FINISH BUTTON.
  3. Finally, your Office product is activated on your device successfully.

Renew Office 365 Subscription

  1. Open on your device.
  2. Select the subscription which needs to be upgraded and make the payment using the one-time payment method or with the monthly payment plan. 
  3. After choosing the payment method, select your product on the shopping cart page.  
  4. Choose to renew the subscription and locate your payment section on your office account and make the payment finally.

Different Versions of Office Setup

Office 2010: Office Setup 2010 is one of the Office productivity that has been equipped with various advanced features like backstage view,improved ribbon of the Office, supports various file formats, Document co-authoring, and protected view that enables the documents to be more secure.

Office 2013: Office Setup 2013 has been found to be more cloud-based than the one previously available. Apart from this, the Office Setup 2013 has various features like new ribbon interface having flattered look, remodeled start screen and many more.

Office 2016: Office 2016 is listed among the latest Office products.This Office Setup is made available to the users in various editions like Home & Student, Home & Business, Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus.

Office 2019: Office 2019 includes Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, and Skype for Business along with advanced features like new improved presentation, more powerful data analysis and improved inking features.

Office 365: Office 365 is one of the latest versions of the Office productivity suite having the features like hosted services,collaboration tools, rolling release model, and security. 

Some Office Setup Errors

  1. Wrong ID/password
  2. Update Reboots without Warning
  3. Issues with Server Platforms
  4. Arising general Functionality Issues
  5. The Windows screen is flashing after logging in.
  6. Some times Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.
  7. Personal folders do not show up in Outlook.
  8. Ms-Office takes too long to install, or error codes like 2002-4, 12007-4, or 12152-4.
  9. Rushing while data transfer.
  10. The product is only for Non-commercial use.

How To Create Office Account ?

  1. Visit Microsoft Account and choose Sign-in there.  
  2. Type your email, telephone number, or Skype sign-in that you as a rule use for other Office administrations, at that point select Next. You can decide to CREATE NEW ACCOUNT alternative in the event that you don’t have a Microsoft account.  
  3. Now first enter your secret code and tick on the keep me signed in box so you can rapidly utilize your record next time (not for shared PCs).
  4. Finally, Select Sign-in once more.

How to Reset Account Password ?

  1. In order to reset the password, you have to first open the app launcher and choose Admin.    
  2. At the admin center of Microsoft 365, opt Users > Active users, and then select the key icon. 
  3. Now, you can choose Auto-generate password to get a strong random password.
  4. Then select Reset.
  5.  Now choose the send password in email option.
  6.  In the recipients box, you will see your registered email address mentioned. Now, add a secondary email address or other.   
  7. Finally, choose Send email and close. .


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Know More About Office 365 and Office 2019

Both are the most recent form of Ms-office still vary in different ways and confounds a significant number of us. So we will check some significant key differences in Office 365 and Office 2019 and choose what fits the best for us-

1.  Price Difference –Ms-Office 365 will cost you around $100 (for One Year ) which includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You have to pay monthly or annually and can be used by 6 people, across all their devices.Whereas Ms-Office 2019 costs around $150 (Life-time) and it includes Office apps like Excel, Word, and Power-point.  Office 2019 is a one-time payment and can be used in one PC/MAC only.

2. Differences in Features and updates-In Ms-Office 365 you’ll get all the latest features and updates along with all security updates and bug fixes from time to time. You will get an extra 1TB online one-drive cloud storage. Still, if you are having any trouble then 24*7 customer support is also there for you.In Ms-office 2019 you will only be getting access to popular apps with few security updates and limited up to windows 10 and mac-os only with no extra online storage. Initially, technical support is for installing only.

What do professionals say about both?

Both have their own costs and highlights. At last, it’ll depend on your needs on the off chance that you’ll be utilizing all the applications at that point. Purchasing office 365 memberships are most likely your best decision, because of you get full access to any or then again all the applications and advantages with the low cost of ownership. In case you’re a day by day customer and in the event that you support extra old skill then office 2019 is a strong other option. Furthermore, in Ms-office 2019 you’re acquiring a permit for one device likewise you’ll have the option to introduce the working environment applications on the entirety of your cell phones.


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