How To reduce email messages and file iCloud ?

You can remove your old email messages from your iCloud record to free up some iCloud stockpiling. If you would prefer not to lose your email messages, at that point as opposed to erasing you can move them. This will free up iCloud storage and you’ll not lose your messages. The most effective method to[…]

What Are Best Reminder Apps for Android in 2019 ?

In this era, we frequently forget the little and large things oftenly. The best solution is to set an update for a specific task. You can set an reminder by different applications nowadays. There are even committed update applications made for reminding purposes just, too. Some note-taking applications accompany update includes likewise, we should examine[…]

How To Upgrade Your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 ?

If you are working on Windows which is 8.1 and need to get its most recent version, then follow the steps given below. In this article, you can figure out how to Upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 by using the Windows Update feature or visiting Microsoft’s site. Here’s How to Upgrade Your Windows 8.1[…]

Is MS Office Safe for The office?

Get Started — You might have noticed that a number of the Companies do pose to have problem with working on Microsoft office, we are here to bust that myth for you. Office is a productivity suite, developed and maintained by one Of the biggest business, market leaders in engineering, Microsoft Office. You must[…]

How to check the Firewall Settings on windows and Mac?

The system firewall helps to block incoming programs which may be harmful for your system. A user can view and adjust the firewall setting anytime and on any platform, but notice that the firewall ought to be allowed for safety. Steps to Assess firewall in windows A firewall application is in System and Security under[…]

How To Upload Files With OneDrive In iOS?

Now a days , it is very important to have a backup of your data on your device.There are many ways to backup your data. Among them , saving documents to OneDrive has come to be the most efficient and reliable method to enable you to have a backup of your data. You are able[…]

How Office Experience On Mac book air 2019 ?

Get Started We have been using the ms-office for quite a while now, we’ve been using office on all kinds of devices whether it is windows, Mac or linux.  There have been upgrades regarding office on each event of Just how and when the new devices are launched. However, to find the best of[…]

Which Are Add-ins on Microsoft Word?

Get Started Since the start of Microsoft, there are Lots of 3rd party programmers, attempting to include their functionality for improvements in Microsoft office and other Add-ins on Microsoft Word. Programmers have taken into the Microsoft and have been incorporating great features to Microsoft Office to ensure they don’t depart a function that’s required to[…]

How to make a word document read only?

Making read only word documents become necessary when you do not want your files to be edited by other users due to some sensitive information. Here in this article, we are going to demonstrate the tricky way to make a word document read only. Here we go: Method1:- Make a word document read only before[…]

How to fix Facebook image not loading issue

The one issue of Facebook users is Facebook image not loading issue. It is quite common for all desktop and mobile users and the most irritating issue is the company not helping to resolve it properly. In this article, we are describing some tips and tricks to fix this issue. Please follow the below instruction:[…]